Get your certification while the market is hot!

Have you ever wanted to own your own business and set your own hours? Or maybe you're tired of your boring, dead-end job? Let Mandy train you to be an amazing Microblading artist! In addition to being a Licensed Master Esthetician Instructor, Mandy  brings many years of teaching experience to the table as well as years of hands on experience in the medical aesthetics and business building industry. Learn everything you need to know in one place to create a successful Microblading business - including marketing and promotion! 

No previous experience or licensing is required in the state of Utah. 

This 4-day hands-on course also includes the most comprehensive kit out there with absolutely everything you need to begin your permanent cosmetics career! You'll have plenty of product and tools to perform at least 20+ Microblading services. (Make $6000-$8000 or more with this single kit!) Your mega-kit is valued at $1500, but is included at no additional charge with your tuition! 

Need more? How about PRIVATE, one-on-one training? You'll have Mandy's complete and undivided attention for any step-by-step instructions, demos, questions, or concerns as you become more comfortable in your new career! 

With this course, you get 4 FULL days of instruction including classroom, textbook, workbook, demonstration, and practice time on up to four live models. Want to charge your models a fee while you’re learning? It’s all yours! Start making money during training!

So what do you really get? Here’s the rundown:

  • $1500 Complete Microblading kit including top of the line pigments and tools, all disposables, practice tools and needles, two numbing creams, protective gear, sharps container, practice skins, course manual, USB drive for forms and photos, and more! Over 30 items total!  
  • Complete course manual for future reference and all foundational education. Refer to it any time you need a quick refresher or have questions. 
  • Bloodborn Pathogens Training Certificate - this is an absolute must for anyone in the tattoo industry!
  • Microblading Course Completion Certificate - Display your certification proudly and give your clients peace of mind that they are receiving their service from a fully qualified technician!
  • Private, one-on-one training! Get undivided attention without having to share a class with several other people. Learn at your own pace and get ALL of your questions answered in a relaxed and professional setting.
  • Four full days of training. That’s two and a half days of in-depth Microblading training (classroom, demo, and practicing on skins) and then a full day and a half of models! Don’t worry, Mandy will make sure you’re confident before practicing on a human! :) 
  • Learn about proper safety and sanitation
  • Color theory and correction
  • Pigment options
  • Brow mapping
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Proper technique 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Proper aftercare instructions
  • How to stay compliant with health department requirements and regulations
  • How to perform 6 week touchups
  • Proper client consultation and contraindications
  • Before and after photo techniques
  • Social media and marketing
  • Ongoing support. Still have questions after training? Mandy is happy to help with any assistance you might need! You even have the option of refresher courses and one-on-one shadowing! 

No previous experience or licensing is required in the state of Utah! 

Start your new career today! 

More interesting stuff:

  • In Your Face Esthetics is located in Sandy, Utah - in the heart of the Salt Lake City valley. Just minutes from the nearest freeway entrance and walking distance of popular shops, restaurants, entertainment, and hotels.


$800 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your kit and save your seat! (Any balance remaining is due before the first day of class.) 

Own your own business!

Own your own business!